Our Bridging Finance Options

Discover the solution that most effectively meets your requirements.
Property Bridging Finance
Short-term funding using the expected proceeds from a property sale before the registration process is finalised.
How Property Bridging Finance Works
If you've sold your property and secured the total purchase price, we offer swift and straightforward bridging finance against up to 75% of the available funds upon transfer.

Whether you're a property seller or an estate agent awaiting settlement, our bridging finance can advance your profit and commissions or cover necessary sale-related costs.

Our application process is quick and straightforward, applicable to residential, commercial, or land sales.
Our Process Explained
Our Process Explained
Sold Property
You have sold your property.
Signed Agreement
You and the purchaser has signed the sale agreement.
Transfer Attorney
Attorneys have been appointed to attend to the transfer.
Registration Timeline
You are provided with the estimated time lines for registration.
Payment Guarantee
The purchaser has paid in cash or provided a guarantee for payment.
QuickBridge Application
You apply with QuickBridge to receive your money earlier to avoid waiting until registration.
Submit Documents
All documents necessary are sent to QuickBridge for consideration.
Receive Agreement
QuickBridge provides you and the attorney with an agreement to sign.
Sign Agreement
The agreement is signed and sent back to QuickBridge.
Get Paid
QuickBridge pays the approved amount to the attorney’s bank account.
Transaction Finalised
Once the property is transferred to the purchaser, the capital and fees are repaid to QuickBridge directly by the attorneys.
Who typically uses this financing?
Sellers of Properties
Sellers benefit from bridging finance by accessing funds quickly to purchase a new property before selling their current one, avoiding delays and enabling smoother transactions.
Estate Agents
Estate agents benefit from bridging finance by facilitating faster property transactions for clients, potentially increasing their sales volume and earning higher commissions.
The Benefits of Property Bridging Finance
  • Receive your money from your property sale, earlier!
  • Receive up to 75% of your money to be delivered from the sale.
  • Don’t wait for the lengthy transfer process to be completed.
  • Use the funds for any purpose including costs related to the sale or even a holiday!
Important Information
You can apply for property bridging finance once your property has been sold and the full purchase price is secured. You can then use the finance to cover any expenses you choose.
  • Minimum Loan Term
    Upon Transfer of the property
  • Maximum Loan Term
    3-6 months
  • Minimum Loan Amount
    R50 000.00
  • Maximum Funds Advanced
    75% of the proceeds to be received
Bridging Finance for High-Yielding Opportunities
Traditional lending requirements from banks and other institutions often can't accommodate transactions where immediate monthly repayments aren't feasible.

If you're engaged in a high-yield deal or transaction, we offer tailored bridging funding until you can fully repay the capital and interest at the end of the loan term.

Our application process is swift and straightforward. Once you receive your expected payment, you can use it to settle the bridging finance.
How It Works

If you were to apply the normal lending requirement, banks and other lending institutions would

likely not be able to provide finance where the nature of your transaction means you’d be unable to

make monthly repayments immediately. If the deal or transaction you are working on has an

especially high yield potential, we will work with you to provide bridging funding that suits to nature

of the deal until you are able to make full repayment of capital and interest at the end of the loan term.

Our application process is quick and easy, and once you receive your expected payment, you can use it to repay the bridging finance.

Important Information
You can apply for bridging finance providing you can show that the transaction is a high-yield opportunity. You can then use the finance to cover any expenses as required.
  • Minimum Loan Term
    1 Month
  • Maximum Loan Term
    12 Months
  • Minimum Loan Amount
    R1 000 000.00
  • Interest Rate per Month
    4 - 5% depending on transaction factoring
Documents Required From You
  • Company / Personal Information
  • Proof of Address
  • Transaction Details
  • 3 Month’s Bank Statements
  • Collateral / Security which can be Offered
  • Valid ID Document
  • Marriage Certificate (where applicable)